How to Successfully Treat Your Knee Pain Injury At Home: Helpful tips to minimize a hard time!

The Best to treat your from Injury:

If you’ve taken a hard fall, twisted your leg, or otherwise strained your knee.

first aid at home can be helpful. Remember this > “RICE” for treating sprains and strains:

  • Rest –Ice –Compression-Elevationsupport brace

Get off your feet and apply a cold compress (this can be a bag of ice, Frozen vegetables, such as peas will also work). Wrap your knee with a compression bandage to prevent swelling,

...but not so tightly it cuts off circulation. While you’re resting, keep your foot elevated.

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-Use Ice and/or Heat.

For many people with arthritis pain, ice can help relieve pain and swelling and heat can help ease stiffness.

neoprene knee braceI can tell you from my own experience and for what doctors recommend it’s good if you switch from ice to heat for about 20 min, 5 min each one…

…This will help with the blood circulation and incredible help minimize the pain

Ask your doctor about how to safely use an ice pack and/or a warm towel or heating pad. A hot shower in the morning or warm bath before bed at night also may be helpful.

-Topical Pain Reliever.

A number of over the counter and prescription gels, sprays creams and patches are available to knee sleevesrelieve pain. These pain relievers contain ingredients like  salicylates, capsaicin, menthol, or a combination of medicines. Ask your doctor if one of these products might be right for you.

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-Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate

knee support sleeve

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These two supplements saw widespread popularity over the past decade due to commercial advertisements claiming they promote joint health. I actually have my own bottle because if it has gained popularity means that actually works. I recommend you to start now if you want in the future to enjoy of your good  health.


Remember Daily exercise to keep the joint moving reduces knee pain…

For those with arthritis, keeping the leg stationary or reducing the range of motion to avoid pain can stiffen the joint and make matters worse.

….Being overweight can aggravate the problem as well, so weight management is important.


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